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Process of Building Plan Approval, Planning and Land Development

1. What are the conditions of application for approval of Building Plans for a Single House?

Submit five (5) sets of normal plans:-

The plan must be signed by the owner and registered draughtsman (area not exceeding 3000 square feet) / professional architect (area exceeding 3000 square feet). Copies of land titles and official search, sale and purchase agreement or consent (if applicable)
       - Form A-A3 / 1
       - Recommendation letter from the technical department
         a) Permanent house
                i. Setiu District PWD.
               ii. Setiu District Health Department
              iii. Sewerage Services Department (SSD) Eastern Branch .
              iv. Terengganu Department of Town and Country Planning
                  (If in the main route)
               v. State Water Supply Department .

         b) Temporary/ Semi-Permanent Houses
               i. Setiu District PWD (if in the main route)
              ii. Setiu District Health Department

2. How long is the process of approval of building plans?

Five (5) weeks from the date of receipt of complete application.

3. How long does it take to issue the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO)?

Fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the form E complete with comments from the necessary technical departments.

4. What is the process of planning and development of the land?

After receiving the application, an investigation will be carried out and a review of technical departments like JPBD.Tr and PWD (if necessary) is requested.

Applications will be submitted to the Planning, Development, Building and Public Works Committee Meeting for discussion and decision.

The decision will be verified at the Setiu District Full Council Meeting.

The decisions that have been verified will be forwarded to the Setiu Land Office.

This process takes approximately five (5) weeks.

5. Can any person construct a building without the approval of the MDS?

No one is allowed to construct a building without approval or permission of the President of the Setiu District Council.

6. What action does the Setiu District Council take against the construction of illegal buildings?

The MDS will issue a fine and notice to demolish the said building.

7. How does a person build a temporary stall along a main road?

Submit an application to the MDS administration along with a sketch plan and site layout.

The location of the building should be outside the road reserve at a distance of 6 metres

8. How long does it take for approval of a building plan that has been approved?

One year from the date of plan approval.

9. Can this plan approval be extended if it exceeds one year?

The applicant may file for an extension of time and receive approval of one year

10. Can payment for the plan approval process be exempted?

No, the plan processing fee will be charged as per table 1 UBBL.

11. How does a person rent the MDS hall, equipment and machinery?

He may come personally to the MDS and fill in the rental form or write an application letter one week prior to the date of use.

12. When can the decision on the reservation be expected?

Within one (1) day depending on availability.



1. What is the rate of fine that may be imposed for each offence committed?

Not exceeding RM 250.00.

2. How long will livestock be detained before they are disposed of?

7 days from the date of capture.

3. How is the Council empowered to capture stray animals?

Through powers granted by the Stray Animals (MDS) Bye-Laws 1991 No. 6 (2).


Licensing and Collection of Solid Waste

1. What is the procedure to apply for a licence?

Applications must be made using the forms provided which are available at the revenue counter of the Setiu District Council.

2. How long does it take for a premises licence to be approved?

Not more than 3 months on condition all the required documents are provided.

3. What happens if one fails to pay the licence fee?

Approval of the licence will be cancelled and legal action will be taken if the business is carried on without a licence.

4. Can a licence be transferred?

Yes, but only after obtaining written approval from the Council.

5. Where can the Solid Waste Bill be paid?

At the Revenue counter of the Setiu District Council or at the mobile counter available in certain areas.

6. What if the solid waste collection bill is not settled?

Collection services will be terminated if the bill is in arrears for 3 months.

7. What is the period for paying solid waste collection bills?

7 days.

8. Can payment be made without producing the solid waste bill?

Yes, but you need to provide the name and address as stated in the bill.

9. Can any person dispose of waste / garbage at the Setiu District Council disposal site?

Yes after obtaining approval from the Setiu District Council. A fee is imposed.


Assessment Tax

1. What Is Assessment Tax?

Assessment rates are local taxes imposed for ownership and occupation of rateable holding situated within Council's area of jurisdiction.

2. Why We Should Pay The Assessment Tax?

Collections from assessment tax are required to sustain the Council's spending in providing services like costs for town maintenance, constructing or maintaining recreational parks, grass cutting, payment for streetlights bills and others for the wellbeing of the community.

3. What Should I Do If I Did Not Receive Any Bills?

Come to Property and Valuation Unit to get your bills. Please bring these information:-

  • Lot No or Premises No. or Land allocation;
  • Account No. (if any) or
  • Past bill for reference


***For any further question email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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